Frequency Hopping with NRF24l01+

Since I couldn’t find any frequency hopping example online, I tried one on my own and it works.

For those who don’t know what is Frequency Hopping see this Frequency Hopping  .It is a nice feature for secure communication.FHSS is unhackable (though it also depends on how randomly you change the frequencies )

I have tried Frequency (Channel) Hopping with the Auto Acknowledgement feature of nrf24l01 so that I can change the frequencies on both Tx and Rx devices in synchronism. Sometimes there is a loss of synchronism (possible “different” latencies of the mcus [atmega328p] ).In that case, I manually set them using Serial of Arduino IDE.

In the given example I am sending a 32-byte array of data and hopping linearly between  channels 90 and 125 (back and forth with an increment of 2 ) each new array of data is Transmitted on a different channel (frequency). Continue reading