Hardware Integration of RTPT

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RTPT – Schematic Final

Things you need :

  1. Arduino Mega (or MCU with more than 33Kbyte flash )- This is important because my final code was around 33KB and i couldnt fit it in an UNO.
  2. U-BLOX GPS Receiver ( NEO-6M ) or any GPS Module.
  3. MPU9250 (9 axis gyro-accelero-magneto) for auto Yaw stabilization [OPTIONAL]
  4. Pan- tilt Mechanism with Servos.(pan servo should be of 3.5turns and Tilt servo can be a normal 180 degree servo )
  5. A laser pointer –to be fixed to the tilt servo to show planet location in a closed rooom
  6. Optional Power Distribution board and Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC).
  7. A Potentiometer  to be used as Planet selector and a Switch as Mode Selector.

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